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Re: [xml-dev] ANNOUNCE: XQuery Implementation Demo available onlinefrom X-Hive

At 09:21 PM 10/23/2001 +0200, jvrdam@xs4all.nl wrote:
>X-Hive Corporation has just posted an online demo of its XQuery

Cool! I just spent some time playing with this, and it implements most of 
the use cases, including most of the harder ones. I am really happy to see 
another fairly complete implementation.

>A few key points which makes this particular demo unique:

I like your demo, and it says good things about your XQuery implementation.

Your three points are not unique, though. Software AG's QuiP also works 
with XML documents stored in a native XML database, does virtually all of 
the use cases (I can't remember if we left any out), and allows queries on 
collections of XML documents.

You can download our prototype for free from here:

QuiP, Software AG's XQuery Prototype

There is also a link to an online demo from this same page.

Here are some other XQuery implementations:





Also worth mentioning is Kweelt, which is an implementation of Quilt, the 
earlier language from which XQuery evolved:


I am sure that there are other implementations out there that I do not know 
about. Aside from QuiP and X-Hive, I do not know if any of these are based 
on native XML databases.

If anyone knows about other implementations, based on native XML database 
or not, please let me know!