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Re: [xml-dev] Text/xml with omitted charset parameter

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At 03:41 28-10-2001, Bart Schuller wrote:
>On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 08:58:29PM +1100, Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> > I believe this is wrong. Can someone confirm that the correct
> > encoding is iso8859-15 (i.e. the 8859-n encoding which supercedes
> > 8859-1 by having the Euro character at 0x80)?  (Sorry, no time today to
> > check myself.)    Whatever it is, we should start using it
> > where we would previously use 8859-1, I expect.
>in 8859-15 the Euro is at 0xA4. 0x80 is not used in any of the iso-8859-n
>encodings, so I suspect it's what Microsoft uses in one of the supersets
>that they use.

Yes.  Microsoft put the Euro at 0x80 in its CP-12xx pages.  I suspect that 
the mislabeled information Rick is getting is probably CP-1252 masquerading 
as ISO 8859-1, and may have other bad characters in the 0x80-0x9f range.

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