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Re: [xml-dev] Registration status

There's been some thought about doing it but I think we're watching
the progress of the html group's html+xml draft first. (speaking about
MathML here)

But personally the more I think about this, the less I like it, and see
so little use for media types for XML languages. Except for test files
MathML never lives on its own, it's always embedded in a larger document
type, XHTML, DocBook, TEI, whatever. Since the same document might also
have svg, you end up with application/xhtml+mathml+svg+xml and
permutations of that. It seems unreasonable to expect any application to
do anything with that and in practice a more workable alternative is to
serve everything as application/xml and let the application key
individual processing requirements off the namespaces contained in the
document. (Actually my "home" isp will serve .xml files as text/xml with
no possibility of changing that, but that's a different thread)


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