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Re: [xml-dev] Text/xml with omitted charset parameter

> My understanding so far...
> -  text/xml is the most ubiquitous HTTP content type for xml.
> -  if absent, the official default charset for text/xml is us-ascii
> -  therefore the charset parameter MUST be specified if the content is UTF-8
> -  many HTTP servers don't conform to this

So far so good, though it's slightly ameliorated by the
fact that a lot of the XML documents being served are
actually in ASCII.  (Not that it excuses, for example,
Apache _still_ getting their default wrong.)

> -  most xml processors (ours included) don't conform to this

Well, Crimson and AElfred2 have conformed for years now.
And the docs do warn about broken HTTP servers.  So at
least in the Java world this statement is false.

- Dave