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RE: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

Remember, you are stuffing processor requirements in 
there (why people dislike PSVI).  It is possible that 
some boundary exists between well-formed and validated 
documents, and so far, no one seems to know just where 
that is, yet XML was proposed, designed and sold on the 
notion someone would know.  What we got instead was a 
step by step inching into a system in which semantics 
are being inserted via magic strings that are eroding 
the boundary between processor and content.

No agreement without a clear and clean requirement.
All you have said is a gap exists.  Examples 
have been provided to show no gap exists; you don't 
like the solutions.  That puts the burden of specing a 
requirement in the proposer's camp.

Nyet.  Not without a clear consensus that 
such a thing is really required and that existing 
solutions are not adequate.  Start there; not with 
the end game.


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From: Daniel Veillard [mailto:veillard@redhat.com]

  Hum, not sure I catch your point. Mine is that WG are busy, and 
if getting a NOTE in /TR is relatively easy, getting a REC needs 
a Working Group scheduled to do it. Doing XML Id would be similar to
do XML Base (retroffitting a change using the gap left in the 1.0
infrastructure) and as much as I would like to see people agreeing
quickly on it and getting it out in a couple of month, I know from
experience it is not possible (again I would love to be proven wrong !)