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Re: [xml-dev] design problem

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Birney, Kenneth wrote:

> Ive got work project to do. Ive gotta use a browser based interface on the
> client to view data from a database. no problem there. However, ive got to
> allow the user to set up how they want to see the data. i.e. text size color
> font ect. this set up must be remembered for each user. Any ideas on a
> design for this? i know this is a bit vague but any ideas are most welcome.

Send 'em a cookie. Have a PHP/ASP/CGI/whatever page that gets the cookie,
assuming defaults if the cookie isn't there. This page uses those settings
to produce an HTML form for all the settings with the current values
selected. Hitting Submit posts to a PHP/ASP/CGI/whatever that sets the
cookie from the chosen values.

Then have a PHP/ASP/CGI/whatever page that generates your XSLT or
CSS or wherever you specify the colours and stuff (CSS is best), slotting
the values from the cookie (or defaults if the cookie is not set) into the

> kenny


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