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Re: [xml-dev] When to Validate XML?

My 2c

We are using XML schemas to represent  transactions
exchangable between participants and the market
systems within the Australian Electricity Market.

As the central system has no control over IT infrastructure
within the participant organisations, validation provides
a front line defence against errors occurring as a result of
upgrades etc at the participant end.

As a provider of information, we also want to ensure what
we put out complies with the standard. During the development
stages of the project, we have left validation turned on, but
are likely to leave it on only while software upgrades are
being commissioned for performance reasons.


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Anyone interested in sharing their thoughts on under what circumstances you
should validate XML?

I think this board has really had some good discussions lately (i.e.
Database Decision Tree, Determining ID-ness in XML) and this is one issue
that still seems to draw the most debate in the inner-circles of my

Some folks feel that validation should ALWAYS be done regardless of the
circumstance (a bit radical it may seem). Others feel that XML validation
is simply a waste of time.  Some groups feel that schemas are not advanced
yet to do validation very intelligently (i.e. problems validating date
formats), and that the applications are still the best choice to validate
your data.  People involved with integration feel that if the publisher and
the subscriber applications/databases BOTH do validation that XML
validation is an extreme misuse of resources.  And on and on?.

With out nit-picking the examples I just laid out on the table can we share
some general thoughts on When to Validate and When Not to Validate XML?

Who knows, if this is a successful conversation perhaps we can give Leigh
Dodds enough ammo for next week's article.  J

Brian Magick

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