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Re: [xml-dev] Common Sense approach to ID and IDness

Don Park wrote:

> IDISID Proposal:  Any attributes named "id", "ID", or "Id" are of type ID
> regarless of namespace.

Not infrequently, the scope established by the instance requires one to change
an attribute declaration from something like:

   <!ATTLIST foo   id    ID   #REQUIRED>


   <!ATTLIST foo   id    CDATA   #REQUIRED>

Otherwise, you get overlapping ID values for whatever reason - you included a
section from another document from the same namespace for instance. The DTD has
never been an ideal place to define ID and IDREFs, IMHO - it lacks scope. It
provides you with a suggestion, based on a certain configuration of a document.
It lacks dynamism.


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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
       - Einstein