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[xml-dev] [Announce] dbXML XML Database Beta 3 Available

The dbXML project is pleased to announce the final beta release of the
dbXML Core XML database. The dbXML Core is available for download from

The dbXML Core is an Open Source native XML database designed to manage
large collections of small XML documents. The server supports XPath
queries and provides an implementation of the XML:DB XML Database API
for development of client applications. The software is easily embedded
into existing applications, highly configurable and openly extensible.
The source code has been released under an Apache style open source
license and is available for download from the dbXML Project web site

Changes in this release are minor and revolve around bug fixes for
enhanced stability and scalability. Interoperation with other software, in
particular servlet engines such as Tomcat 4.0, has also been improved.
It is hoped that this is the last beta release before a 1.0 final.

About the dbXML Project: The focus of the dbXML Project is the development
of XML database technology and associated software. Software currently
hosted as part of the dbXML Project includes the dbXML Core XML Database,
the Juggernaut Server Framework and the dbXML Application Services project.
All software hosted under the dbXML project is released as Open Source and
outside contributions are actively encouraged.

Kimbro Staken
XML Database Software, Consulting and Writing