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Re: [xml-dev] DOM or SAX: Sense and Sensibility

> NOT reading/parsing and rereading/reparsing relatively static 
> XML documents gives me a huge performance boost. 

I was under impression that it should usually give 
about 10-15% boost. Is that 'huge' ?

Well, maybe I don't understand something... 

> In fact that is the major reason why I moved from SAX
> based XSLT rendering to DOM based rendering for the vast majority of our
> stuff.

XSLT rendering is not 'SAX based'. It is 'OM-based'.
XSLT keeps the entire document in the memory. Well, 
there are some XSLT engines that try to do something 
smarter, ( like SAXON's 'preview' ) but I don't think 
that using 'preview' gives any 'speed boost' . In the cases it 
*does*, that means that the document is anyway 
too huge to be processed  by DOM at all.

In the case when 10-15% of speedup is what 
you're looking for, something like Chunks [1]
or other Brutal XML bindings [2] should 
outperform DOM significantly.

My prediction is that the era of low-level 
lexer ( called SAX ) and low-level model 
( called DOM)  is over and there will be 
soon more high-level bindings on top 
of these low-level APIs (or not on top of them). 

I think that asking developers to write all the code 
in terms of SAX or DOM APIs is like asking 
them to write programms in assembly language.


[1] http://www.pault.com/pault/pxml/nxml.html

[2] Here are two other Brutal XML Bindings 
I appreciate more URLs for brital XML bindings, 
seems not easy to find them ...