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Software Pioneer James Clark among Keynote Speakers at XML 2001 Conference and Exposition

Software Pioneer James Clark among Keynote Speakers at XML 2001 Conference
and Exposition 

Influential developer to examine advances, top challenges faced by end-users

ALEXANDRIA, VA-November 8, 2001-James Clark, internationally renowned
developer and pioneer in the evolution of XML standards and open-source
software, will address conferees this December at XML 2001, the world's
leading XML conference and exposition.  

Clark's keynote address will examine the short-term benefits of recent
advances in XML, and the foremost challenges facing end-users today.
End-users struggling to implement XML in their organizations will find a
wealth of insights and new ideas.

Clark, founder of Thai Open Source Software Center, has been involved with
XML and SGML for more than 10 years.  He was technical lead of the XML
Working Group during the creation of the XML 1.0 Recommendation, and editor
of the XPath and XSLT Recommendations.  He was also the primary author of
the DSSSL (ISO 10179) standard.  Currently, he is chair of the OASIS RELAX
NG Task Committee and editor of the RELAX NG specification.  The open-source
software that Clark has written includes SGML parsers (sgmls and SP), a
DSSSL implementation (Jade), XML parsers (expat and XP), an XPath/XSLT
processor (XT) and a RELAX NG validator (Jing).  Prior to his involvement
with SGML and XML, he wrote the GNU groff typesetting system.  

Three additional influential leaders will join Clark as keynote speakers
during XML 2001:

	*	Lauren Wood is XML 2001 conference chair and director of
product technology at SoftQuad Software.  Wood plays a major part in the
design of SoftQuad's tools for XML-based e-commerce and e-publishing, as
well as representing SoftQuad on several technical committees.  She is chair
of the W3C Document Object Model Working Group and has been an active member
of the CSS and Formatting Properties Working Group, the XML Working Group,
the XSL Working Group, and the original HTML Working Group. 

	*	David Reed is general manager of XML and data technologies,
Microsoft Corporation.  Technologies that Reed is responsible for include
MSXML, System.XML, ADO.net, ODBC, OLE DB, and the SOAP Toolkit.  Prior to
leading the XML efforts at Microsoft, he was on the original development
team of Microsoft Transaction Server version 1.0, through the release of
COM+ in Windows 2000.  Before joining Microsoft in 1995, he developed
Saber-C++, a UNIX based C/C++ programming environment at Saber Software.
Reed had been building commercial software since 1983 and is a frequent
contributor to developer-oriented technical conferences.

	*	Larry Cable is chief Web architect, application and
integration services, iPlanet.  Cable has worked for Sun Microsystems since
1989.  He has contributed to the Window Systems Group, working on X11,
OpenLook and CDE; and to the Object Products group working on CORBA and
OpenStep.  He also spent three years at Java Software, where he contributed
to a variety of projects and specifications, including JavaBeans, Swing,
AWT, Infobus, JSP, and J2EE.  Before joining Sun, Cable worked for a variety
of companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation, Spider Systems,
Office Workstation, Ltd., Burrourghs, The Turing Institute and ICL. 

XML 2001, produced by IDEAlliance-formerly the Graphic Communications
Association-will take place Sunday, December 9 through Friday, December 14
at Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Wood and Clark will deliver their addresses Tuesday, December 11; Reed will
deliver his Wednesday, December 12; and Cable will deliver his Friday,
December 14.  

"Our four fine keynote speakers bring decades of experience and insight to
conferees," says David Steinhardt, president and CEO of IDEAlliance.
"End-users will find their grasp of the technical issues incomparable-and
their recommendations invaluable."

In addition to the four keynote addresses, XML 2001 offers participants more
than 170 technical sessions and tutorials, three plenary sessions, and a
variety of informal business receptions, discussion groups and social
events.  XML 2001 will also feature nearly 150 providers of XML-based
products and services offering hands-on demonstrations and displays December
11 through 13.

Participants can register for XML 2001 on line by visiting
www.xmlconference.org.  A discount is available to every participant who
registers before November 30.  Special discounts are also available to
academics and members of organizations affiliated with IDEAlliance.

About IDEAlliance
IDEAlliance-formerly Graphic Communications Association-is a the leading
standards development organization for the print, Web and cross-media
industries.  The mission of IDEAlliance is to advance real-world,
cross-industry technology solutions through standards alliances, development
and best practices.  To learn more about IDEAlliance, visit
www.idealliance.org or call 703-837-1070. 

Marion L. Elledge
Executive Vice President
(founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association)
100 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703/837-1093
Fax: 703/548-2867
Cell: 202/413-4729
email: melledge@idealliance.org

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