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Kent's "Data and Reality"

Dan Weinreb wrote:

>If you want to read a really good book on data modelling, I recommend
>"Data And Reality: Basic Assumptions in Data Processing Reconsidered"
>by William Kent.  

After Mike Kay recommended the book on a mailing list a few years ago, I
managed to track down a used copy of the 1978 edition, which was tough to
find. (Elliotte Rusty Harold may remember my waving it around in a panel
that we both sat on about a year and a half ago.) I wanted to let people
know that the book has been re-released in your choice of e-book or
paperback at
vEOuCfOIoOudosH8C3KrenOuCma1m0Mnivkv1bvTlErn5 (or if that URL is a bit much,
go to www.1stbooks.com and search for the title "Data and Reality.") 

Excerpts are at Kent's web site at
http://home.earthlink.net/~billkent/Doc/darxrp.htm. The book is great, and
its uncanny how much he had to say in 1978 to the data modeling issues of

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