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Walter Underwood's robots

As readers of any of my XML books know, I have about three standard 
examples of processing instructions: php, cocoon, and robots. Thus I 
was a little disturbed to discover while working on an update 
yesterday that the original proposal for the robots processing 
instruction by Walter Underwood 
(http://homepages.go.com/~wunder0/robots-pi.html) has vanished from 
the net. Furthermore, Mr. Underwood's old e-mail at 
wunder@infoseek.com is bouncing. Walter, if you're out there could 
you please drop me an e-mail at elharo@metalab.unc.edu with your 
current address? Or if anybody knows where I can reach him or where 
the robots page might have moved to, could you please let me know? 
I'd like to ask some questions about the current status and location 
of this proposal. Thanks.

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