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Re: [xml-dev] ID-ness in XML

On Sat, 2001-11-10 at 18:59, Marcus Carr wrote:
> "Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> > I'd make xml:id something that can be used with or without a DTD.  If
> > used in a DTD, it would have to be declared of type ID and would have to
> > be the only ID on any given attribute.  That seems to avoid a lot of
> > pain to me.
> That's fine for new DTDs and datasets, but it invalidates any existing
> documents that use an ID attribute named anything except xml:id. The result
> would be that we would be hardcoding attribute names, wouldn't it?

No, I should have been clearer about that.  Documents using existing
DTD-style ID attributes would continue to use their IDs.  I'd encourage 
developers creating new specs to use xml:id as it would work with or
without DTD processing, but I wouldn't declare xml:id the ONLY way to
mark an ID.

Seems like a reasonable transition strategy to me, anyway.

Simon St.Laurent
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." - Emile Coue