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RE: [xml-dev] The XMLReader Interface, Chapter 7 of Processing XML with Java

For "doctrine can determine design decision options" threads, here is an
article on HailStorm.


A quote from the end of the article:

"The magic is on the business side and Microsoft is first and foremost a
business and we're about the economics. Technology is a means to achieve
that. And that's the piece that these other guys haven't cracked."

It is followed by a kick to the open source model, but doesn't do it
justice.  Open 
source can work just fine in a business model as long as there are lots of
willing and able to support development.  There are Tortoise and Hare
issues, but  
given a well-motivated Hare, the story ends differently.   The Tortoise is a

motivator but even then, see Looney Tunes for alternatives. ;-)