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Re: [xml-dev] So maybe ID isn't a problem after all.

> XPointer still works through attributes, right?

No Xpointer is just the Xpath-like syntax for specifying points (and
ranges) in a document, for use in fragment ids. Where it appears in a
document isn't an Xpointer issue. (That's Xlink and/or Xinclude)

> How does an application know, from XML syntax alone
> that, the element should be replaced by what it is referring to? 
Xlink allows the link to be annotated in various ways like this.

> Do XPointers work with URNs? 
If you use an Xpointer fragment identifier then that only specifies what
goes after the #. What goes before the # is any URI so yes URN's can be
used. (Although to claim that URL's denote locations at which documents
may be retrieved will get you into trouble with the thought police at
w3c) As has been mentioned before in this thread, the two parts of the
uri reference are handled differently, the bit before the # goes to the
server (or your URN resolver or whatever) then the bit after the # is
handled by your client using the syntax for fragment identifiers which
depends on the mime type of whatever document was returned. So whatever
is handling the Xpointer needn't care about the URI part of the


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