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Re: [xml-dev] Doing less is all a matter of perspective was Re: [xml-dev] IDs considered harmful

On Tuesday 13 November 2001 09:16 am, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> At this point I'm not sure I care very much where XML per se heads. I
> think it's been clear for a long while that XML's future has little to
> do with the original philosophy of XML 1.0.  What began as a prudent
> simplification has long since been hijacked and turned into yet another
> exercise in complexity.  About all that seems to remain is some small
> chance of reading data by hand as it goes across the wire.
. . .
> The pyramid's been upside down for years now.  Compare pretty much any
> spec built on XML 1.0 to XML 1.0.  (Namespaces in XML is an exception,
> but I'll refrain from calling it a good one given the years of circular
> discussion it's produced.)

Very well said. The rabid rush to standardization has done more harm than 
good in many cases. 

Worse, people now build pyramids on foundations of sand... because they 
consider the specifications "cast in stone".