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Re: [xml-dev] use SAX to get "tree" under XML node

I haven't used the Apache SAX parser, but here is a general scheme that should work for any SAX parser.
The ElementStart handler in your parser looks for the field2 element.  When it's found, it installs new start element, end element, and characters handlers.  The new  start element handler spits out the name and attribute/value pairs within angle brackets. The new characters handler spits out the text value.  The new end element handler spits out the closing tag, unless it is for field2, in which case it swaps back in all the old handlers. 
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Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 11:32 AM
Subject: [xml-dev] use SAX to get "tree" under XML node

i'm using the Apache SAX parser and i need to get the XML tree underneath a specific node.
for example in the following xml file...
    <field1>value 1</field1>
    <field2><style value="red"/><values>value 2</values></field2>
i want to be able to get the trigger on the element field2 and somehow get back the string
<style value="red"/><value1>value1</value1><value2>value 2</value2></values>