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Re: [xml-dev] use SAX to get "tree" under XML node

> > > The response from Ron Bourrett was on the mark except
> > > that I'd have said to always use an XMLWriter of some kind.
> > 
> > > There are too many corner cases you can trip over when you
> > > try to turn "raw data" into XML text.
> > 
> > I think it depends on XML subset one is using.
> I said "XML" -- no subset, the Real Thing.  :)

You mean every XML document in the world 
*should* have a namespaces, bunch of PIs, 
internal DTD e t.c. ?

Or you mean that it *usually* has a namespaces, 
bunch of PIs, internal  DTD?

I disagree with both statements and would be happy 
to know what I'm missing.


PS. Sure, those SQL purists will always tell that 
"MySQL is not the Real Thing, because it is 
not a Real SQL". On another hand, 
latest versions of MySQL have transactions, 
and to me that makes MySQL 'the Real Thing' more 
than any piece of paper.  And as we've learned 
recently, there are some people who say that 
SQL is not the Real Thing itself.

My pont is that 'the Real Thing' is very relative