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Problem with XSLT on client side

Hi all,

Sorry, I'm not sure if it is a right question for XML-DEV, but it may be...

Recently I did a project with XSLT on client side (for Microsoft Internet 
Explorer) and everything looks fine, but there is one problem:
if client goes several times back to prev page and forward again, sometimes 
page is not shown properly (looks like xsl template is not found and the 
content of XML file goes right to the screen).

Is it a problem with design or bug in IE?

This bug is hard to describe, but you can see it here (only for Microsoft 

Enter username: medcoder
password: medcoder

Type some search word if left frame (like "test", "liver", etc.). The result 
page in main frame is result of XSLT on client side.
Now click on some code, get result and click on code to get result in  left 
window. Now click browser button "back" and "forward", try it a few times 
and you will see this effect.

Any advice appreciated!


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