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RE: [xml-dev] XSLT Preserve Space in Attributes

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeff Greif [mailto:jgreif@alumni.princeton.edu] 

> But there are millions(?) of HTML pages that invoke Javascript from
> attributes such as onclick or onload.  If those are to be 
> migrated to XHTML
> without a lot of pain, the advice needs to be something more like
> "JavaScript code used in XML attributes needs to be 
> judiciously constructed
> to avoid being distorted in meaning by whitespace changes.  
> Using a simple
> expression, such as a function call, is generally safe."

This HTML functionality is to be replaced by XML Events. Anyway, these
attributes used to invoke (usually) JavaScript functions and do not have
newlines etc, even when multiple functions are called:

onblur="checkIt(this);parentNode.focus();saveCookie(this, elemBlured);"

Kindest regards,