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Re: [xml-dev] XML Vocabulary Modeling

"Doyle, Michael J" <michael.j.doyle@gs.com> writes:

> How valuable is UML for this process now? Are the translation tools better
> than what's available for XML (pointers to such tools would be appreciated)?
> Or can XML Schema serve effectively as the "model"?

I would urge a degree of caution here.  It is _possible_ to do your
ontology at the same time you design your documents, but they _are_
two different things.  XML Schema is about documents.  UML is, I
presume, about ontology.  For small-scale and/or straightforward
projects, you can get away with doing domain analysis [= ontology] and
document design simultaneously, but only as long as you take careful
note when the constraints of the XML tree-structure-with-links data
model is in tension with the 'natural' domain ontology.

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