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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

> > That said, few application deal with that model directly, and
> > there are a  number of slants one can take. Editing applications, for
> > example, really do  need to know about whitespace, attribute ordering,
> etc. etc.
> > etc. where most  data processing applications don't.
> C'mon, Gavin, you WERE right 4 years ago when you argued for an XML data
> model! <grin>.

I think you and I are (once again ;-)) in violent agreement. My point here is 
that most applications deal with something above the model... they layer 
their own semantics/organizational structures over it. Of course, they have 
to have something to add a layer over!

Anyway, my gut leads me away from negotiation (feature negotiation in parsers 
doesn't appear to be that widely used yet , is it?) as such, and more toward 
a smaller/clearer canonical model... or perhaps a couple of them. 

I guess another slant on negotiation would be something akin to the 
NodeFilter idea that essentially "normalized" the view for the particular 
application. Another slant would be to have different DocumentBuilder