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Problems with XML from ASP.

I'm trying to use the MSXML 4 DOMDocument, but for some reason, it doesn't
like the XML from my ASP. When I load a page of sample data w/ either a .xml
or .asp extension, everything works fine. But, when I add any ASP statements
(even a comment like this: <% 'this is asp %>) to the .asp page, the XML
parser chokes and gives the following error:

Error loading XML Document :
Error Code : -1072896764
Reason : A name was started with an invalid character.

The generated XML page looks fine in the browser, but when I load it in
another page using the DOMDocument object with the following code:
xmldoc.load server.mapPath("mypage.asp"), I get the error. Does anyone have
any idea what's going on here? Thanks, Byron.