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Re: [xml-dev] Global or shared namespace?

I don't see what harm this would do. In practice, it is what happens
anyway. For example, if an element/attribute name is not in a namespace,
DOM level 2 uses a null for the URI and SAX 2 uses an empty string.

-- Ron

Eric van der Vlist wrote:
> It's probably a troll, but the fact that we consider that some elements
> and attributes have namespace names (to take the terminology of the XML
> Infoset) which can be undefined (or that they do not belong to any
> namespace to take a wording comonly used) is difficult to explain (it's
>   making any statement about namespaces much longer).
> What about considering that these elements and attributes belong to a
> "global namespace" or "shared namespace" which would be the same for any
> document and which URI would be either null, undefined or set to a
> specific value (to be defined) ?