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[ANN] DeltaXML API (XML file differencing) available

[ANN] DeltaXML API (XML file differencing) available

DeltaXML enables you to identify and represent any change to any XML 
file in XML: "change control for XML in XML"

DeltaXML Version 2 is now available and includes these new benefits:

- a Java API for embedding in applications

- much faster and handles even larger file sizes (10Mb+)

- a new option to generate 'changes + original' (full delta) makes it 
much easier to display changes in an XML document, using XSL

- now handles unordered data, i.e. can match corresponding elements 
(based on a key) across the two files even when the order has changed

Current users range from the largest software companies down to 
venture capital funded start-ups, and company sectors include 
e-commerce developers, telecom software developers, the oil industry 
and XML software development companies.

Applications range from regression testing, change display and 
control/approval through to implementing full roll-forward/roll-back 
features in XML editors.

Test it for yourself on the DeltaXML online demo, or download to test 
on your own system and data.

See this and more information on our extensively revised web site at 

ps thanks to many on this list who are using DeltaXML and have 
contributed their comments and suggestions. An independent article 
with some first impressions of DeltaXML can be found at 
http://www.gamelan.com published 26th Nov., written by Ben Marchal, 
"Views from Abroad: XML Pipelines and DeltaXML".

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Robin La Fontaine, Director, Monsell EDM Ltd
DeltaXML: "Change control for XML in XML"
Tel: +44 1684 592 144 Fax: +44 1684 594 504
Email: robin.lafontaine@deltaxml.com      http://www.deltaxml.com