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RE: [xml-dev] ANN: Essential XML Quick Reference (Addison Wesley) now available

I picked up my copy at Microsoft's PDC in LA.  Great quick reference for the
myriad of XML technologies.  Highly recommended.  Kudos to Aaron and Martin
for writing this (and for being instructors for DevelopMentor's Guerrilla

J. Keith Wedinger
Senior Software Developer
Sterling Commerce

-----Original Message-----
From: Aaron Skonnard [mailto:aarons@develop.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 1:26 PM
To: Xml-Dev
Subject: [xml-dev] ANN: Essential XML Quick Reference (Addison Wesley) now

Our new book, Essential XML Quick Reference, published by Addison Wesley is
now available[1]. It covers today's mainstream XML technologies (see TOC
below) in quick reference-style: syntax + concise examples. The form factor
is slightly bigger than an O'Reilly pocket reference.

We wrote this book as a companion to Essential XML (Addison Wesley)[2],
which conveys the conceptual framework of XML technologies. As such, the
quick reference avoids heavy prose and focuses on conveying syntax plus
clear, concise examples. Each chapter starts with a few paragraphs that
introduce the technology followed by pure quick reference content. The book
comes with bleeding tabs, detailed TOCs, headers/footers, and a thorough
index, all of which were designed to help you find answers fast.

The TOC is as follows:

1.  XML 1.0 and Namespaces
2.  Document Type Definitions
3.  XPath 1.0
4.  XPointer, XInclude, XML Base
5.  XSL Transformations 1.0
6.  SAX 2.0
7.  DOM Level 2
8.  XML Schema Datatypes
9.  XML Schema Structures
10. SOAP 1.1

Martin and I spend a great deal of our time teaching XML to developers. Over
the years we realized that what our students need is a concise XML reference
that summarizes all of the XML-related W3C specification rhetoric into one
small, easy-to-understand, place. We hope that this book fills that need.
You can see what others have to say about the quick reference below[3].

Aaron Skonnard
Author of Essential XML & The XML Files (MSDN Magazine)

Martin Gudgin
W3C WG Member (XML Schema & XML Protocol) http://www.develop.com/marting/

[1] Essential XML Quick Reference

[2] Essential XML

[3] Noteworthy quotes about Essential XML Quick Reference:

"A handy, comprehensive reference guide to all the latest XML and Web
services technologies. Skonnard and Gudgin give you all the details in one
  --Noah Mendelsohn, Distinguished Engineer, IBM and Lotus Development
Corporation, and coeditor of W3C XML Schema Recommendation

"If you are building XML-aware applications, attach this book to your
utility belt. You'll need it."
  --Mark Fussell, Program Manager for the XML Framework in .NET, Microsoft

"This book is a unique collection of reference material on the most relevant
XML-related standards, which takes the important W3C recommendations and
puts them all in context. Something that definitely needs to be on every XML
developer's desk!"
  --Alexander Falk, President and CEO of Altova, Inc., The XML Spy Company

"I think it is a wonderfully clear and concise summary of a great deal of
key XML material. I expect it to find a well-thumbed home on my bookshelf."
  --Mary Holstege, PhD, XML Architect, mathling.com, and W3C XML Schema
Working Group Member

"Finally, a complete and thorough reference book covering all of the most
important XML technologies, including the latest addition (XML Schema), in
one concise and consistent presentation. I will definitely have this book
close at hand."
  --Chris Lovett, Product Unit Manager, B2B Web Services, Microsoft

"Essential XML Quick Reference is one of the few printed references I would
actually buy."
  --Don Box, Series Editor, The DevelopMentor Series

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