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Re[2]: [xml-dev] Sharing Techniques: White Spaces in HTML pages by XSLT

>> That's what I use, but when my XSLT output goes to other machines,
>> the   characters are not always recognised as spaces. How come?

>  Jonathon:
J> Is your XSLT output supposed to be HTML ? What charset are you
J> using ? Do you really need special (non-breaking) spaces, or will
J> regular whitespace do ?

Output was HTML. The charset would have been whetever MSXML3 put on it
automatically (probably UTF-16). I just needed a series of spaces that
will not be collapsed. Is that not what nbsp is for?

DC> Probably because the user had chosen to override the "automatic"
DC> encoding detection and force the browser to use th ewrong encoding.

Not sure, but I don't think that was the case. I have a vague memory
of me checking the Encoding setting in the browser (IE) and it being
in automatic.

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