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Re: [xml-dev] xml:lang namespace problem

In article <029701c178f5$281ffc30$4c3d0681@videolab1> you write:

>[Error] test.xml:38:25: cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attrib
>ute 'xml:lang' is not valid respect to the attribute wildcard of
>Elment 'FreeText'.

><FreeText xml:lang="us">Hello world!!</FreeText>
><FreeText xml:lang="jp">Sekai yo Kon-nichiwa!!</FreeText>

I don't see where wildcards come in to it, but neither of the values
"us" and "jp" is a legal RFC 3066 language identifier.  US English is
"en-us" and Japanese is "ja".

-- Richard