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   Re: [xml-dev] Re: Why REST was Re: [xml-dev] URIs are simply names

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> What I said. The _namespace_ is the resource, the _namespace name_ is the
> identifier of the resource. Don't conflate the name with the thing.

Yes exactly (we both agree on the premise but appear to disagree on the conclusion)

> Except that the URI <-> resource mapping is _defined_ to be 1:1 , clearly
> not so with common names.

The URI to resource mapping is so defined, but the namespace rec gives a
different mapping from strings that match the constraints of being a URI
to namespaces.

> It is the _owner_ of the DNS entry that gets to say what the resource
> is.

True, but that doesn't say anything about the use of that string as a
namespace name.

> Certainly you can abuse the intention of the owner, and if the owner of the
> URI never intended it to be a namespace, then this is simply an abuse.

"abuse" is an emotive word but apart from your assertion that it is
abuse, where is it stated that this is abusive. In fact by my reading of
the namespace rec it is the _intended_ behaviour. That is, one names a
namespace after some resource that (preferably) you control, by using
the URI of that resource.

If I give you a (dtd) valid, schema valid, well formed, XML document
that conforms to the namespace REC that uses a namespace name that
identifies a resource that isn't a namespace then it is not enough for
you to tell me it is abusive you have to say what rule has been broken.

>  What results is the same inability to communicate a

Not at all, the same strings mean different things in different contexts,
and there are contexts where the string "1 + 1 = 3" would be
interpreted as true for example. You always know whether a string is
being used as a namespace name or as a resource identifier, so there
is no confusion there between these two things.

> Bottom line:
> well known URI:  http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform
> what is the identified resource? surely the XSLT namespace (just ask the URI
> by GETting it -- it says so)

Of course since every string that meets the lexical constraints of being
a URI reference is an acceptable namespace name, then in any case where
the resource is a namespace then you will get that identity. The fact
that there is this small subset of cases where the resource identified
by the namespace name is the namespace itself does not conflict with the
fact that in the majority of cases this is not so.

<x xmlns="mailto:jborden@attbi.com"/>

is a well formed document conforming to the namespace rec, and the
namespace of the element in that document _is_ mailto:jborden@attbi.com.
It isn't just me that says it is, XSLT/XPath , a namespace aware DOM,
etc would all accept this document and confirm the namespace name.


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