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   Castor 0.9.4 available

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Hi XML users,

The castor team (www.castor.org) and the exolab group are pleased to
announce the release of Castor 0.9.4, the popular open source
data-binding framework. 

This version includes major bug fixes and improved reliability as well
as new features:

    - Improved support for customizable Field Handlers that contains 
      the necessary logic to convert the value read or to be written.

    - Extra methods can be generated in the generated beans for a 
      better support of java collections generated by the 
      Source Generator with Castor JDO
    - Improved support for XMLInstance2Schema that creates an XML 
      Schema from an instance XML document.

    - Add the possibility to specify a custom URIResolver to the 
      Schema Reader to be used when encountering URIs in an <import> 
      or <include> elements.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the Change log below.

You can download the jar at:

The full distribution is available on the Exolab FTP site:

Note that this is the last release without support for the Source
Generator Binding File. This awaited feature will make the CVS later
during the week.

Don't hesitate to send us feedback,




Version 0.9.4, October 14, 2002

JDO:    Added patch to docs (jdo-faq.xml) from Patrick van Kann   
        Concerning lazy loading questions. 

JDO:    Fixed bug #1031 dealing with the closing of database 
        connections when container managed transaction is rolled back. 
        (Bruce - 20021014)

XML:    Fixed AnyNode writing: the sibling nodes (except for TEXT 
        nodes) are no longer output when writing an AnyNode. The 
        string value of a AnyNode is now conform to XPath 1.0 
        (Arnaud - 20021014)
XML:    Added option to generate extra collection methods from the 
        source code generator. These methods include getter/setter for 
        the actual reference to the collection. This makes the 
        generated source code work better with Castor JDO.
        (kvisco - 20021013)

XML:    Added ability to ignore extra elements upon unmarshalling.
        Patch provided by John Weir.
        (kvisco - 20021010)

XML:    Updated XMLInstance2Schema to support better 
        element/complexType handling and improved datatype guessing.
        (kvisco - 20021008)

XML:    Updated XMLInstance2Schema to support attributes. Sorry for 
        the oversight!
        (kvisco - 20021008)
XML:    Fixed bug 1052: the XML type resolution has been improved to 
        take into account the targetNamespace if any and the XML types 
        defined in no namespace.
        (Arnaud - 20021008)

XML:    Fixed bug 1047: when resolving elements/types from an imported 
        XML Schema, Castor will now look into the XML schemas that are 
        imported in the imported XML Schema.
        (Arnaud - 20021004)

XML:    Added UnmarshalListener interface provided by Paul Christmann 
        (Arnaud - 20021003)

XML:    Handle 3-digit millisecond in the Time implementation. 
        (Arnaud - 20021002)

XML:    Applied patch by David Cumberland [dcumberl@TRUELINK.com] 
        Concerning DateTimeValidator
        (Arnaud - 20020926)

JDO:    Updated the examples to include a many-to-many relationship.
        (Bruce - 20020925)

XML:    Added ability to disable xsi:type attributes when marshalling.
        (kvisco - 20020917)

XML:    Fixed a bug in SAX2ANY, when using SAX1 namespaces weren't  
        correctly processed and added to the AnyNode.
        (Arnaud - 20020913)

XML:    Added the support for URIResolver. The user can now specify to  
        the Schema Reader a behavior to resolve relative URIs used in 
        the XML Schema being read. The introduction of a default 
        URIResolver implementation fixes numerous bugs in paths 
        resolution when using include or import.
        (Arnaud - 20020913)

XML:    Added the ability to pass a custom EntityResolver to the 
        Schema Reader.
        (Arnaud - 20020913)

XML:    Fixed a bug in the resolution of XMLTypes in the Schema Object 
        Model. An exception was thrown when trying to resolve an 
        XMLType that was not part of the Schema targetNamepace.
        (Arnaud - 20020913)

XML:    Added validation in the Schema Object Model to ensure that 
        element references are resolvable.
        (Arnaud - 20020913)

XML:    Fixed a bug that prevented the processing of an unknown type 
        in the Source Generator.
        A NPE was thrown.
        (Arnaud - 20020913)

XML:    Fixed NullPointerException issue with generated source code 
        when using bound properties in conjunction with default 
        primitive values.
        (kvisco - 20020905)

XML:    NOTATION is no longer treated as a primitive type.
        (Arnaud - 20020828)

XML:    Added validation in the Schema Object Model to ensure that 
        named complexTypes and named groups are only used as top-level 
        (Arnaud - 20020823)

XML:    Updated the JNaming class to use 
        Character#isJavaIdentifierPart and  
        Character#isJavaIdentifierStart when determining a valid java  
        (kvisco - 20020823)

XML:    Fixed issue with using add-method in conjunction with 
        Hashtable and Maps.
        (kvisco - 20020822)

XML:    Fixed problem with namespace usage and mapping file. If 
        namespace prefixed attributes existed for the root element, 
        then a prefix was getting erroneously created for the 
        namespace even if a prefix already existed for the namespace 
        from the root element. I solved the issue by moving the code 
        for managing namespaces before the processing attributes.
        (kvisco - 20020820)

XML:    Fixed issue with using references and collections.
        (kvisco - 20020816)

JDO:    Cleaned up docs with patches Mark Woon 
        <morpheus@SMI.Stanford.EDU> and Erwin Bolwidt  

JDO:    Updated PostgreSQL jar file to their latest (CVS) version.
        Fixes timestamp bug. (Note: For the DataSouce class, use
        org.postgresql.jdbc2.optional.PoolingDataSource instead of
        (Wolpert - 20020812)


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