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   Re: [xml-dev] [Fwd: Potential Gap (WAS Re: [owl-s] communication between

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The ebXML Registry is using http-binding (aka REST) interfacing that 
people may
find instructive to review, and especially the use of security and 
digital certificate
management in tandem with registry.

Also for more extended needs I suggest also that people look of course 
at the OASIS work
on ASAP particularly - that has solid implementations available, and 
then naturally
ebXML which is designed from the ground-up to avoid the messaging 
hair-balls that the
un-initiated may otherwise encounter during real deployment
environments - rather than just cute demo's...

When it comes to actual business requirements - buyer should always 
beware of the
marketing phrase "Your mileage may vary" and seek to deploy enough 
technology to solve their
business needs without getting caught in featuritus, nor painting 
themselves into a box for
future expansion.

We never said this is easy - but the "my thingy is better than their 
thingy" bashing certainly
ignores the fact that often a blend of techologies may well be the 
optimal solution.

Cheers, DW

Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

>As I scroll through the latest round of Web services vs REST debates, 
>it's like watching the American presidential election.  I read articles 
>which attempt to characterize the complexity of web services with 
>page counts of the specs, but they don't explain how the alternatives 
>will support the complexities of large scale enterprise applications. 
>Or they say, 'we don't do those so we don't care' which is fine but 
>worthless as critique.  
>In other words, no one seems to deal with the issues, they are just 
>banging away at the reputation of their opposition and no matter 
>how one dresses that up, it is just demogoguery intended to confuse 
>the marketplace.  
>A feedback loop for learning requires one to be willing to learn. 
>That means measurements of the problem, not measurements of the 
>So far, I haven't seen much about the semantic web services that I can't 
>do with code except reuse the code blindly.  So I am a bit sceptical 
>of the immediate utility, but I've been wrong before about things like 
>that.  On the other hand, with regards to web services, from where I 
>sit, there are immediate needs to apply this technology and I am not 
>concerned that major vendors are pulling away into small teams to 
>get the work done faster.  I am very concerned that policy for its 
>application (eg, privacy guidelines, retention guidelines, access 
>guidelines, and so on) are not being created particularly in the 
>U.S.A. where the implementations will penetrate the systems fast 
>once we are past the upcoming election.   In a millieu in which it 
>has become acceptable to deny facts, fudge measurements, and otherwise 
>just bang on the opposition without regard to the reality of the 
>situation on the ground, I am pessimistic about how well this 
>conflation of technical politics and governance will work out in 
>the near term.   To use a feedback loop, one has to be willing 
>to learn not just redirect fire on the same target.
>From: Rick Marshall [mailto:rjm@zenucom.com]
>all the ws-* stuff and all the owl stuff will need similar feedback 
>loops for learning. they will need to cope with generalities and 
>specifics. they will need access to computer equivalents of google and 
>they will need a way to evaluate the results.
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