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   Re: [xml-dev] Open source request....

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I would add...

Architect for modularity - its generally good practice and allows for 
division of labor and a sense of ownership in your user community. Also 
allows for differential rates of development.

Choose your business model then find a license to suit it - two options

i) Make money purely from support and maintenance
ii) Make money from licensing and supporting a commercial version

Either way pricing expectation of customers is lower than a proprietary 
model but this will be balanced by significantly reduced cost of sales 
and marketing.

Work with the community to continually improve - don't be afraid to 
reveal there are imperfections in your product - every piece of code is 
imperfect - the open source route gives you a much faster rate of 
approach to the asymptote of 'perfection' and of course many more test 
modes than you can ever think up in closed development.

Respect the community of users - they're possible customers as well as 
your partners in continually developing the product.

Peter Rodgers

CEO 1060 Research, Architect 1060 NetKernel

(Use every opportunity to subliminally advertise your existence - anyone 
  interested in a powerful XML application server? ;-)

PS As with any business venture you must simultaneously keep in your 
head the opposing forces of optimism (you wouldn't start if you weren't 
optimistic) and pessimism (think of the worst case and then double it).

Michael Kay wrote:
> 1. Have a good idea
> 2. Write some good code (quickly)
> 3. Make it available and tell the world about it
> 4. If the world ignores you then either it wasn't such a good idea after
> all, or you're a prophet in the wilderness: at this stage you can either
> give up or decide that you're in for a long campaign
> 5. If the world shows an interest then listen to what they're saying and
> produce more releases in quick succession that respond to the feedback
> 6. Allow others to join in as developers if and only if you're convinced
> their presence will speed things up rather than slow things down. 
> Michael Kay
> http://www.saxonica.com/
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: David Lyon [mailto:david.lyon@computergrid.net] 
>>Sent: 08 April 2005 00:32
>>To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
>>Subject: [xml-dev] Open source request....
>>Hey folks...
>>how does one make an open source project... ?
>>It might seem like a stupid question and a simple thing but 
>>I'm toying with 
>>the idea of making my computergrid.net an open source project . 
>>One of the best things (I think) about us English speaking 
>>countries is our 
>>ability to share and grow... sounds corny perphaps.. but I 
>>believe it's true.
>>and as an ardent open source user myself, I certainly prefer 
>>products over proprietory ones. But you just can't get around 
>>the fact that 
>>there are some people who have unique skills in certain areas 
>>(and are 
>>missing other parts of their brain in compensation).
>>but there are undoubtably lots of issues...  and I have basic 
>>questions that 
>>relate to financial survival so forth... not that I'm 
>>struggling or anything 
>>like that I just would prefer things to go up rather than down...
>>If there are people that have gone through this process and 
>>it has helped them 
>>then I'd certainly like to hear any comments (on list).
>>The two big ones that I know of are probably red-hat and 
>>mysql. They've done 
>>quiete well. But others haven't. Jabber is one of those xml 
>>protocols that I 
>>haven't heard mentioned much and to me that seems like a bit 
>>of a failure. So 
>>it's obviously a mixed bag.
>>Any first hand comments, suggestions or pointers would be 
>>Computergrid : The ones with the most connections win.
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