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   Re: [xml-dev] Something altogether different?

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> what a miserable place you live in.

I live in a fantastic place.  I write code all day and get paid well
to do it.  I also pay attention and try my best not to make comments
on subject matter I havent researched.  Through your response its
obvious you have no desire to learn what MSN search is all about so
why pretend to be some sort of expert on the "Gen1" technology you
suggest it is living in?  Generally speaking experts in any particular
area are that way because they pay attention to all that is going on
in a particular sector, research the data, use the products (all of
them!), and then report back as to their findings.

Simply put, if you are going to make statements of supposed fact that
a particular technology is inferior to another you should be prepared
to back up your claims with hard data.  Do you have that data (that
doesnt exist in the form of borderline cult-based opinion?)

> ok so no
> body is allowed to do anything that has even the slightest chance to move
> things forward.. 

I certainly hope they are allowed to!  If not this would invalidate my
entire purpose for getting out of bed each day and spending another 18
hours building things that I believe will help our common goals of
pushing XML to the next level of capability and power.  And I can also
make statements of fact that I have spent a considerable amount of
time researching and studying the very specific areas of XML that have
to do with searching, sorting, and weaving together common data that
comes from disparate sources with no apparent connection other than
(possibly) written in the same language.  That doesnt necessarily make
me an expert in this field of study but in reality very few people are
as the standards in which this field is being built upon are still in
various stages formalization.  But if you are of the belief that
Google simply gets it and MS (and others I assume since apparently you
dont use any other search utility) is sitting idley by waiting for
someone to throw them a bone I'm sorry David, but I will state it
again... you're a damn fool and apparently could give a ----.

To me this is the type of attitude that holds back innovation as it
suggests comfort and satisfaction from whatever come froms the "holy
land" as the true and everlasting gospel of search.  Complaceny sets
in while the rest of us push on...  In looking at your statement

> ok so no
> body is allowed to do anything that has even the slightest chance to move
> things forward.. 

Are you sure you even understand what you just said and how it
contradicts your very own actions of sitting and praising allmighty
Google and closing your eyes to anything else.  Tell you what, you sit
and praise your GoogleGod.... Im going to write some more code.  Lets
chat in five years and see the impact of each of our philosophies...

FYI...  I've already wasted enough valuable time on this thread and
have no intention of playing the back and forth "my opinions better
than your opinion" game all night long.  As such please dont expect
another response from me on this as I dont have time to waste on your
silly religious beliefs.  Go read a book or open up a magazine or
something... it apparently might do you some good.

On 4/24/05, David Lyon <david.lyon@computergrid.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 10:13 am, M. David Peterson wrote:
> > Wow!  Have you actually used MSN search?
> Not  really. I use Google.
> > Have you paid any attention to how much money MS has poured
> > into the new search capabilities?
> Yeah, but it's still a Generation 1 search engine.
> > Have you downloaded and  used the desktop search utility.
> I don't need anymore junk on my computer when Google does the job just fine.
> > And, I'm sorry, but if I'm an MS Engineer I sure the hell am not
> > going to come ask for the advice of the bitch and moan society
> > that is xml-dev.
> So what is Mike doing then?
> > David, you need to either check your facts before you speak or simply
> > dont speak, because at this moment in time you sound like a damn fool.
> Well thanks. So suggesting a new type of search engine is a stupid thing?
> All current search engines are limited in one very crucial way. Why would it
> be foolish for me to hold such an opinion? Why would it be foolish to spend
> spare time working on a solution? So what if it never comes to anything.
> How many things are there in xml that are this way anyway. Crickey... ok so no
> body is allowed to do anything that has even the slightest chance to move
> things forward.. what a miserable place you live in.
> David
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:: M. David Peterson ::
XML & XML Transformations, C#, .NET, and Functional Languages Specialist


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