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   Re: [xml-dev] Using Oxygen with Schemetron

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  • To: Paul Popiel <PaulP@advancedengine.com>
  • Subject: Re: [xml-dev] Using Oxygen with Schemetron
  • From: George Cristian Bina <george@sync.ro>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 10:34:54 +0300
  • Cc: "Xml-Dev (E-mail)" <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
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Hi Paul,

To validate against the Schematron embedded rules you need to use the 
"Validate with" action. This will show a dialog, choose the Schematron 
tab and specify your XSD schema.

You can also use the "Associate schema" action and choose again the 
Schematron tab and specify your XSD schema. If you have also the XML 
Schema associated with the document using the schemaLocation attribute 
for instance then when you invoke the "Validate" action you will get 
*both* the validation against the Schematron rules and the validation 
against your XML Schema.

There is an article on the documentation page that explains how oXygen 
works with Schematron and covers also the cases of embedded rules in XML 
Schema and in Relax NG:
You may find interesting also the sample files from 
[oXygen]/samples/schematron where [oXygen] if the folder where you have 
oXygen installed.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Paul Popiel wrote:
> Decided to try using oxygen to embed schemtron into my existing XML schema.
> Im having problems however, and im finding the help documentation limited =(
> How can i embed Schemtron into my XML schema (.xsd) file, and validate the
> file.... and likewise validate any .xml file using the schema.
> i tried this, but having problems:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema";
> xmlns:sc="http://www.ascc.net/xml/schematron";
> elementFormDefault="qualified">
> 	<xs:annotation>
> 		<xs:appinfo>
> 			<sc:title>Schematron validation</sc:title>
> 			<sc:ns prefix="tron"/>
> 		</xs:appinfo>
> 	</xs:annotation>
> ....
> 	<xs:element name="Entry" type="Entry_CT"/>
> 	<xs:complexType name="Entry_CT">
> 		<xs:simpleContent>
> 			<xs:extension base="xs:string">
> 				<xs:attribute name="column" type="xs:int"/>
> 			</xs:extension>
> 		</xs:simpleContent>
> 	</xs:complexType>
> 	<xs:element name="Table2D" type="Table2D_CT">
> 		<xs:annotation>
> 			<xs:appinfo>
> 				<sc:pattern name="CheckRows">
> 					<sc:rule context="tron:Table2D">
> 						<sc:assert
> test="count(tron:Entry) = tron:@num_rows">Incorrect Number of
> Rows</sc:assert>
> 					</sc:rule>
> 				</sc:pattern>
> 			</xs:appinfo>
> 		</xs:annotation>
> 	</xs:element>
> 	<xs:complexType name="Table2D_CT">
> 		<xs:sequence maxOccurs="unbounded">
> 			<xs:element ref="Entry"/>
> 		</xs:sequence>
> 		<xs:attribute name="num_rows" type="xs:int"/>
> 	</xs:complexType>
> oxygen seems not to do any sort of validation on the schematron tags (e.g. i
> can use a <sc:invalidtag> tag and it will validate it even though schematron
> doesnt have that tag/element)
> and it doesnt work with my .xml file, i.e. i deliberatly have less or more
> Entry elements then what num_rows is set to.
> any sort of help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
> Paul Popiel
> Software Engineer
> Advanced Engine Components Limited
> 14 Energy St, Malaga WA 6090
> Fax: +61 8 9209 6999
> Mob: 0412 657 051
> mailto:paulp@advancedengine.com
> http://www.advancedengine.com
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