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   Re: [xml-dev] css syntax - easy question

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Hi.  Thanks for the reply.  You're right, I skipped some colons, but I 
think you get the idea.  I can't really tell though if you answered my 
question. :)

I already know how to make the before selector work to insert content. And 
I already have a handle on the namespace issue. My question was whether i 
could take a short-cut to always pull out the name of the element.  I'm 
thinking not, but wanted to see if anyone knew of such a short cut.


If I already have something like this working, where I print out the 
element name for each followed by a colon.

name:before {content: "name: "}
phone:before {content: "phone: "}
email:before {content: "email: "}

Could I collapse it all using the * selector? I am not sure what the 
"something here" would be to pull out the element name.

*:before {content: "SOMETHING HERE"}

Sorry if you already answered my question....

Thanks again!

At 01:51 AM 7/9/2005, M. David Peterson wrote:
>First, use the proper selector syntax: (e.g ::before)
>name::before {
>        content: "name:"
>But that won't work either because there is no "name", "address", or
>"phone" element in any HTML or XHTML spec...
>but thats ok cuz' you can just create your own using namespaces in CSS
>and then use your own custom tag names giving them cusom values for
>any of the supported CSS attribute for the browser you happen to be
>using/developing for...
>Now, with IE you have to turn your baseball cap backwards and take on
>a hacker's slouch cuz' to get XML namespaces in IE requires the need
>of some hackin' to get things to work good and proper.
>Not to fret though, the hackin's already been done for you...
>Just make a visit to Dr. Dean Edwards and within a few hours of
>learning all you could possibly ever want to know about CSS and its
>lack of support in any current IE release you'll be good to go...
>For a good reference of both proper CSS syntax and what you will be
>able use in IE your the IE7 hack visit:
>And to better understand CSS namespaces, visit the proposal to the W3C at:
>If wondering, you read "proposal" correctly... although support exists
>in all major browsers (IE with the IE7 hack... but for a 1999
>proposal, thats still a proposal, you can't be crying foul and instead
>should send Dean a quick "thanks" for having mercy on the rest of our
>hacking souls :)
>Good luck to you :D
>BTW... Dean Edwards and "IE7" =  no MS affiliation
>On 7/8/05, Laura Kertz <kertz@ling.ucsd.edu> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to take a short-cut using CSS, but can't figure out how.  What I
> > want to do is print the element name before the element content, something
> > like this below:
> >
> > name before {
> >         content: "name:"
> > }
> > address before {
> >         content: "address: "
> > }
> > phone before {
> >         content: "phone: "
> > }
> > etc..
> >
> > But it seems like there should be something ("blah" below) that I could use
> > to catch all of these, instead of hand-coding each one.  Something along
> > these lines:
> >
> > * before {
> >         content: blah":"
> > }
> >
> > Is there any such thing?  (I'm not finding it.)  I know I could do this
> > with a perl script or just using XSLT instead of CSS, but of course, I need
> > to do it in CSS. Any ideas?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> >
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>M. David Peterson


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