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   RE: [xml-dev] indexing and querying XML (not XQuery)

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From: 'Alan Gutierrez' [mailto:alan-xml-dev@engrm.com]

>    If I were to spend the next two years pooring over the contents
>    of XML-Dev to design algorithms to poor over it further...    
>    Well, I don't get out enough as it is, you see.

Ah, but you stay at the bar.  Is it the band or the floozies?

>> Entice?  Free beer or egoboo?

>    Increased traffic, so both.

Hmm.  Keep in mind, your system has to cope with the gamers which 
just might include your own government or political party.  Given 
that, I don't trust your engine (again, nothing personal), I still 
don't see a reason to host it.  Now if it paid real ad dollars 

>>    Why host a feed for your blog? Why sign up for Technorati? 

I don't but if I did, I would do it to retain complete control 
of the use of the content.  I use Blogger; free content for 
free hosting.  They put ads on my blob but I put them where 
they aren't a distraction because I already know that the
income isn't worth the eyeball juice.  In fact, the most 
fun one can have is figuring out how to write blogs that 
drive the ad placement software crazy.  "Truckin' got my 
chips cashed in, keep truckin' just like the doodah man.."

Google's meteoric rise could have a slower fall but nonetheless, a 
complete one in the search business.   I see a future in 
which anyone buying a computer is automatically their own 
internet service and the machine comes packaged with an 
operating system that ensures what is marked private 
remains private, what is marked free can be used freely, 
and other rights are equally protected including stopping 
Google or any other freeloader from cacheing my content. 
Anything I write (including here) is watermarked such that 
the source is indisputable.  Any bot that attempts access 
is stopped and it's originator is tracked and jailed.  Virus 
writers, of course, will be hanged after having been tortured 
exquisitely to get their sources names.

Don't opt out: opt-what or opt-not.

>> So how is your search component any different from a spybot?  What
>> would I (the content *owner*) do with it?  Participate?  Give to
>> get?  Get got?

>    You do nothing. It is another way to present your content.

Something for nothing?  I've heard this story.  I want to completely 
control how my content is presented, how it is used, how it is 
represented.  What?  The web is the wrong medium for that?  Well, 
then, the web simply must adapt if I can buy such a machine.  What 
do you think this is, a Grateful Dead concert?  (Understanding the 
evolution of the Deadhead culture is a nice analog to understanding 
the culture of participation on the web.)

>> Discussion is only tracked by links if I bother to link.
>> Sometimes I can't be bothered.  :-)

>    It's hard with some of the current blogging UIs to link as much
>    as one should. But a well linked article is of more value to the
>    reader.

As hard as TimBL thought it would be, it turns out even average 
idiots learn to type <a href=''></a>.  The hard part isn't the
tag: it is remembering that stupid URI. Anyway, if the reader 
has opened my page, I have their money/attention.  What I do 
with links depends on what I want to do with the reader's attention, 
and therefore, their evolution.  Will you help me do that?

Understand memory-prediction systems.  Jhana is true magic.



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