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Re: [xml-dev] [Summary] Characterization of Schematron - Usage and Features

I agree it will be easier in iso schematron , because of let
basically, and if you're bound to xpath 2.0 as you have for and
conditional expression. I don't feel comfortable doing it for public
projects yet though, given the newness of all standards used in such a

Bryan Rasmussen

On 1/25/07, Peter Hunsberger <peter.hunsberger@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/24/07, bryan rasmussen <rasmussen.bryan@gmail.com> wrote:
> <snip/>
> > The algorithmic check is more along the lines of:
> >
> > A textnode has data that can be validated using a well-known algorithm
> > such as a modulus 10 function. As such it can not be done via
> > Schematron, however in most actually occuring markup situations we do
> > not have just a textnode, we have a textnode that has some other
> > information represented by the markup pertinent to that textnode, such
> > as  this textnode that can be validated via the modulus 10 function is
> > a social security number, as such the algorithm can be applied because
> > we know when we have to stop, we do not have to loop until we stop.
> >
> > Basically this is something one might like to see in a datatype
> > defining language, and in fact if I understand my cursory scanning of
> > the DSDL Datatype Library language the same method could be used to
> > define datatypes conforming to a particular algorithm (can anyone
> > correct me if I'm wrong on this?)
> >
> > This, as opposed to your example, is actually not something Schematron
> > is especially good at, it is something of a Stupid Schematron trick
> > given that writing these by hand is onerous and it is probably best to
> > either autogenerate the expression or move up a level to do the check.
> >  This is actually why I brought it up because I was pretty sure there
> > would be very few people that were using Schematron to do stuff like
> > check that something purporting to be an EAN location number actually
> > conformed to the algorithm for checking EAN location numbers.
> >
> > That said I think that using Schematron for this while not optimal
> > points to some possible benefits, the fact that it is declarative and
> > obviously easier for a program to analyse. There is obviously no
> > halting problem in the schematron assertion I sent before.
> >
> Using XSLT 2.0 and xPath 2.0 with Schematron can make this kind of
> thing more-or-less trivial for a lot of cases... :-)
> --
> Peter Hunsberger

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