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Re[2]: [offtopic] SQL instead of XQuery


MH> I personally don't consider XML, HTML, HTTP or SQL as
MH> perspective technologies in long-term survey. 

You mess up form and content: language and abstraction.

MH> For me, it's just textual-sugar and I rather focus myself on
MH> abstraction

Now you mess up carrier of language and abstraction.

MH> I think you should reconsider your naming conventions, because I assume that:

1) all proposals are not quite new language,
but are superstructure (additions) above existing languages,
so it's foolish to name proposals by other name.
2) i'm trying to standardize proposals,
for example search by keywork "Dmitry Turin" ...

MH> HTML is trademark of World Wide Web Consortium

... in http://lists.w3.org

MH> Unicode is trademark of The Unicode Consortium

... in http://www.unicode.org/mail-arch/

MH> SQL is trademark of IBM corporation

In process of standardization in http://jtc1sc32.org
via russian National Body

So i don't assign novations to myself, i distribute them to people
(all proposals under "Public Domain" license).

MH> Also as your design is really weak

You remark is not interesting for me -
i'm interesting only your ARGUMENTS.

MH> I sugest you to split it on single issues and send that
MH> one-by-one to developer communities who are maintaining respective
MH> standards

What is the reason of division SQL5 into 7 issues
"Web integration & From tuple to tree",
"Old SQL for XML-field & Syntax of SQL/XLang",
"Distributed request & Replication",
"Adjourned transaction",
"Rest kit",
"In-exact name",
"Different" ...
... and send all issues into one JTC1/SC32 ??

MH> - There is different goal for XQuery that just "making new
MH> alternative to SQL".

'researches, demonstrating smoothness between rational and xml' ...

Read, please,

MH>  XQuery is declared more strictly which makes
MH> it usable over multiple database engines and allows XML processing
MH> over query. SQL is not usable for that and I don't think it is
MH> possible to alter it for such purposes without complete redesign.

I strongly ask you to not write into list before reading

MH> Like I can say:
MH> Lets add command "check procedure for infinite-loop".
MH> Or let say we will add <googlemap> tag to HTML.

Propose necessary, instead of any, what come into head.

MH> Well, we can discuss this further if you wish.

O, very much, but come with arguments.

MH> you can see my own proposal for universal
MH> binary protocol if you wish, like I think we have something in
MH> common :-) http://xbup.sf.net

How can it help for physicist, biologist, and other avarage user !?

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6. 5.3)  http://html60.euro.ru
SQL5      (5.11.0)  http://sql50.euro.ru
Unicode7  (7. 2.1)  http://unicode70.euro.ru
Computer2 (2. 0.2)  http://computer20.euro.ru

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