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[main] Namespace: file with rules instead of tag's prefix (was: Namespace: CSS in addition to prefix (was: CSS instead of Namespace)}


>>  BR> namespaces (as currently defined) are an essential
>>  BR> part of understanding what the data is.
>>  Certainly, i'm disagreed.
>>  Look at XInclude - namespace describes behaviour (already existed in CSS).
>>  Look at XLink - namespace describes presentation (compare with
>>   http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-ui/#appearance ).

BTW, more exactly, XLink describes possible behaviour, which people
associate usually with presentation.

br> typical scenario described for namespaces are that there is an element with
br> the same name in two namespaces with radically different ...

... interpretation [1]. I.e. we need to use several markup languages
(much of these ML-languages are listed on
http://xmlsucks.org/xml_technologies/ [2] ) in one document.

br> we need to have a way to differentiate between the combined data

Because UA will not know, how to interpret intersection of languages.
If names of elements are crossed, that inventor of new additional
language does not take care about non-intersection of names.

Opposite case with "personal local" languages, unknown for mankind.
Such language appears at extraction database records as xml-elements [3] -
so mankind will never know, that these elements are busy :), and
can use them at developing new "common" language. Users will install
new version of UA, supporting new "common" language, but application
will send previous elements.

In both cases, we need to specify rules for UA [4], how to work with


br> people more generally talk

Finally, we must decide, how to specify rules.
Only on this stage, tag's prefix, my proposed separate file, or any
other solutions appears.
Only now we can compare solutions, when we know destination of them
(instead of 'i'm feeling', etc).

Well, bringing content of this additional file into primary document
is foolishness.

[1] 'radically different meanings': you are trying to improve, that
    'namespaces are what the data is' by argument, that namespaces
    have meaning (radically different). Tautology.
[2] Don't pay attention at name of site, because site really bring
    good summary on this page.
[3] According some agreement, e.g. element get name, identical
    name of database table.
[4] Different type of UA has different notation for predicates of
    these rules (e.g. HTML specify predicate in notation of a selector).
[5] Foolishness, like bringing content of CSS-file into HTML-file.

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6. 5.4)  http://html60.euro.ru
SQL5      (5.11.3)  http://sql50.euro.ru
Unicode7  (7. 2.1)  http://unicode70.euro.ru
Computer2 (2. 0.2)  http://computer20.euro.ru

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