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RE: [xml-dev] Keep business-process-specific data separate?

It depends on the scope of the timestamp if that is the dominant query term.

It doesn't matter what the scope of the semantic of the application is in
total.   It matters that the message be scoped to the time because that is
unique if time over other terms is dominant to the query goal.  Intention.

XML doesn't care.  It's not a good idea to send empty elements to
transactions that can generate them populated.  Wasteful.   

I'm way out of practice, but as far as I recall, the art of the DTD was to
precisely capture the most atomic set for the query and ensure validity
scoped from it.  In a message-oriented system (which a query system has to
be and a document system doesn't of necessity), that is the key concept.


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From: Costello, Roger L. [mailto:costello@mitre.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:12 AM
To: 'xml-dev@lists.xml.org'
Subject: [xml-dev] Keep business-process-specific data separate?

Hi Folks,

Suppose I create an XML vocabulary for a "Transportation Task Request."
Here's an example: 

In the following instance document I am expressing the desire to be picked
up from my home on January 29 at 7 am and dropped off at Logan airport. On
my return trip I desire to be picked up at Logan airport on February 4 at 6
pm and dropped off at home:

        <Finishing-Point>Logan airport</Finishing-Point>
        <Starting-Point>Logan airport</Starting-Point>

I create this document then walk it over to my company's transportation
office and give it to them. The first thing they do with it is stamp on it
the date and time of submission. 


When I create my Transportation Task Request XML vocabulary, should it
include a <Submission-Datetime> element? Thus, when I create my instance
document, I include an empty <Submission-Datetime> element:

        <Finishing-Point>Logan airport</Finishing-Point>
        <Starting-Point>Logan airport</Starting-Point>

When the transportation office receives the instance document, they fill in
the element.

Is this a smart thing to do - include a <Submission-Datetime> element in my
Transportation Task Request XML vocabulary?


Recall my objective: create "an XML vocabulary for expressing a
transportation task that I want accomplished." 

The <Submission-Datetime> element is not really relevant to my objective.
The <Submission-Datetime> element only comes into play when I hand my travel
request document to the person at the travel office. That is, the
<Submission-Datetime> element is only relevant in this particular business

The <Submission-Datetime> element is business process-specific data.


I think that it's bad to put business-process-specific data with my XML

Do you agree?

My rationale is that in another business process the <Submission-Datetime>
element may not be relevant. 

For example, in addition to dropping my document off at the travel office, I
also drop a copy off at human resources. The first thing the human resources
office does is stamp my name on it. Thus, in this business process, the
<Submission-Datetime> element is not needed; rather, a <name> element is

By keeping business-process-specific data decoupled from my XML vocabulary
it gives me flexibility to use my XML vocabulary in a variety of business

Do you agree?


If I don't put the business-process-specific data with my Transportation
Task Request data, where do I put it?




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