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Re: [xml-dev] My report on experiments with unused namespaces

Original Message From: "David Carlisle"

> With more teeth is the policy that w3c specs (only) following that vote
> explicitly say that they don't associate any meaning to relative namespace
> uris.

Thanks David.

I'm not quite sure what the implications of "they don't associate any
meaning" is on specs.  I assume it means use of relative URIs is out of

Also, in http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xppa 4.2 Proposal says:

    Proposed: to deprecate the use of relative URI references in
    namespace declarations; that is: to say that while they conform
    to the Namespace Recommendation of January 1999, later
    specifications such as DOM, XPath, etc. will define no
    interpretation for them.

So is Namespaces 2nd Ed a later specification than "Namespace Recommendation
of January 1999" or does it share the 'priority date' of the 1st Ed?

I think DOM v1.0 preceded the note and XPath 1.0 was after.  Namespaces in
XML 1.1 has the note about deprecation, but does not explicitly decalre them
illegal.  So is Namespaces 1.1 the 'same spec' as Namespace 1.0 1st Ed?

Pete Cordell
Codalogic Ltd
Interface XML to C++ the easy way using XML C++
data binding to convert XSD schemas to C++ classes.
Visit http://codalogic.com/lmx/ or http://www.xml2cpp.com
for more info

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "David Carlisle" <davidc@nag.co.uk>
To: "Pete Cordell" <petexmldev@codalogic.com>
Cc: <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: [xml-dev] My report on experiments with unused namespaces

> On 22/09/2010 14:16, Pete Cordell wrote:
>> Original Message From: "David Carlisle"
>>> On 22/09/2010 13:13, Pete Cordell wrote:
>>>> So xmlns:numberOfItems="3" is not legal.
>>> It's legal according to the namespace spec, but deprecated by a later
>>> note. Relative URI references are allowed but deprecated, the result
>>> of a long winded discussion some years after the namespace rec was
>>> published as noted in (at least) the third edition of the namespace
>>> spec.
>> Doesn't this depend what you call _the_ namespace spec? I would take
>> _the_ namespace spec to be the latest one; i.e. 3rd edition. As you've
>> stated above, this has the note about deprecation in it.
> well lets go with that.
>> Does the W3C  have a different idea?
> some people wanted to make it illegal some people wanted to keep it being
> legal, they had a vote and the announced decision was that it was
> deprecated. My reading of that is that it is legal, but you shouldn't do
> it. Like <font>  in html which has been deprectaed in html for a decade or
> so so obviously no one uses that....
>> The next thing to sort out is what the W3C's definition of 'deprecated'
>> is. I would say it means that the above XML is legal for a legacy piece
>> of XML (appealing to Namespaces 1st Ed), but illegal for an XML language
>> defined after the publication of Namespaces 2nd Ed (Aug 2006).
> No I don't think it means that. If that is the effect that was wanted
> (like the change to the Name production in the 5th edn of xml) the thing
> to do would not be to deprecate but just simply issue the new spec with
> the changed rule making it non valid. Then applications could cite
> conformance to the new spec of the old. Deprecation is a lot weaker than
> this, it just says don't do it, but it is still legal/wellformed. With
> more teeth is the policy that w3c specs (only) following that vote
> explicitly say that they don't associate any meaning to relative namespace
> uris.
> David
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