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RE: [xml-dev] The edge of chaos: where syntax ends and interpretation begins

I don't, TEI, on the other hand, proselytizing programmers to pick features to support without regard to impact on the working business processes is a recipe for churning forever.  Whatever else one can say about IE, it is developed by people who have some sense of keeping the customers working rather than chasing egoboo.  That is one reason why it has such a firm hold in business.  

Is the environment actually changing?  Or is the environment being modified to suit?

OTOOH, everyday I have to handle entities in system.xml is a bad day and some of that might be laid at the feet of those who fought DTDs so hard at the beginning of XML without understanding the negative impact that would have on tech pubs as the tools began to migrate and they discovered not enough attention had been paid.  OTOOOH, the DTD handling is rather pathetic and it takes some time to find out if this is some interpretation on the part of the MS programmers (hey, it compiled in Arbortext; what's system.xml's problem?) or if there is really a problem in system.xml, the DTD or the spec.

<aside>Anyone is free to take the usual "get better tools" jab as soon as they can prove they actually have better tools given measurable requirements MY customer agrees to.  OTW, it's flavor of the month and Yet Another Overpaid Consultant Leading Customers Into the Bleeding Pen.</aside>

The web is a lot; it isn't everything we do with XML.  OTOOOOH, being in an environment that actually delivers CGM is not such a good thing either in a time when the only things that get paid attention to are web articles.  We are not only forging our own chains in the web world, we are shackling our neighbors.  I see nothing but learning to love our chains. :)

len (as avatar of durgha with many hands)

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From: Tei [mailto:oscar.vives@gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 9:42 AM
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Subject: Re: [xml-dev] The edge of chaos: where syntax ends and interpretation begins

Just now browsers are cherry picking tech ideas.  Firefox is going to
drop E4X because the other browsers are not supporting it  (Firefox
championed E4X, but the other browsers are not following)  .  Internet
Explorer is not going to support more than half of HTML5 because...
well.. is IE.    Whatever HTML5 ideas win will be declared the
winners, and put down as HTML5.   For this to happend, you need  Blog
Internet Persons talking about these ideas/techs, and making people
excited, so excited webmaster will use these tecniques in production
webpages.   Firefox will drop support for E4X, and then things created
based on that will break.  Software its a service, and you can't
expect software to run forever (withouth dev love) in a changing

On 1 March 2012 13:34,  <cbullard@hiwaay.net> wrote:
> If you send a user of a browser a message that they need a "modern browser",
> your investors will invest more.
> There is a predatory aspect to web business that reeks of the 19th century.
> Hypocrisy is good for the bottom line these days.  Oh well...
> The bottom line of XML is it within its own well-defined boundaries does its
> job.  If the networks, social or silicon, use the applications provided
> smartly, they do their job.  If the rules are fudged for advantage or
> ignored by dint of incompetence, any project will fail and if we blame the
> technology or the technologists who did do their jobs, then a business
> deserves to no longer be one.   True of the government too.
> The only difference is the assholes make more money than the stupid.  Life
> is hard.  XML Doesn't Care So You Have To.
> len

ℱin del ℳensaje.


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