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Re: [xml-dev] RE: Should XML Professionals Be Programmers?

I'd say it depends. If nothing else it depends upon the size of the
company and maybe even the department within the company. In a small shop
you tend to be a Jack/Jill of all trades and have to know something about
everything. In larger organizations, you tend to get specialists, you get
a librarion, you get an editor, you get a DTD person, you get a programmer
and you get a stylesheet person. In the large shop you might not even be
able to peak into these different realms, so younever develop skills in
these areas. Best of all worlds, I want someone that can do it all.
Barring that, I start looking at the current team and try to figure ot
what is missing or needs backup. So you go in with the long laundry list
of skills but in reality your looking for a specific 2 out of the long

I get frustrated on the flip side of this question. I see lots of jobs
posted for XML expert, but when you read the fine print or showup what
they really want is an expert (name your programming language) that knows
a little about XML.


> Hi there,
> I'm a qualified information professional (~=librarian), working on an
> XML-heavy project in the publishing world.
> I've been following XML-Dev and hoping to learn more about this question
> too: how do you define an "XML professional"?
> Is anyone on the list qualified specifically in XML itself?
> It seems to me like "something I should have learned at Library School",
> but it's one of those things that librarians tend to leave to the IT
> people.
> Cheers,
> Michael
> From: Len Bullard [mailto:Len.Bullard@ses-i.com]
> Sent: 08 March 2012 16:27
> To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
> Subject: [xml-dev] Should XML Professionals Be Programmers?
> It's a general qualifications question:  do you expect an XML professional
> to:
>  1.  Be able to correctly interpret DTD/Schema?
>  2.  Write or modify a DTD/Schema
>  3.  Code and/or test and modify XSLT.
>  4.  Program at least to a level of proficiency to build simple
> productivity tools (for example, basic querying of XML in some form)
> Len Bullard
> ILS Manager
> Science and Engineering Services, Inc
> 248 Dunlop Blvd.
> Huntsville, AL 35824
> len.bullard@ses-i.com<mailto:len.bullard@ses-i.com>

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