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RE: [xml-dev] "Introducing MicroXML, Part 1: Explore the basic principles of MicroXML"

And there are several On The Web formats they'd have to supplant, such
as PDF.

As the costs of hardware have plummeted, the size of machines has come
down and the software is not the cost driver, some believe the day of
the cheap platform plus expensive software business model is over.  The
market may be shifting toward fully contained devices with content made
specifically for that device (if not in format, then contractually
similar to TV series and networks).  That turns the web topsy turvey and
it makes the roles of the W3C and some other standards bodies a lot less

Will that happen?  I don't know.   The forces at play may be more
economic than technical.  For example, content piracy is proving to be a
very noticeable problem in industries like music and soon movies.   The
ability to shut down offending sites is becoming economically important
to some.  Some want to call that censorship; others, enforcing the laws.
We knew this was coming but a Panglossian attitude precluded working the
problem seriously and a Pontius Pilate defense won't stick.   

OTOH, if you are a vendor, say iTunes, profiting by doing the right
thing and paying the artists a decent wage, then something like the HTTP
code Tim Bray is spec'ing could have a place as long as it isn't framed
for failure.  If it is, worse solutions may succeed.  It has happened
before and the resources and means to go after the MegaUpLoadsRUs sites
are coming out of their caves to roam the seas.

So anyone trying to create a new breed for browsing has a much bigger
chasm to cross than in the early 90s.  The web is no longer a
competitive open development environment.  It is at long last, TV.


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From: Rushforth, Peter [mailto:Peter.Rushforth@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca] 

after all I'm pretty sure the JSON guys are trying to put hypermedia in
JSON too, but it may be a bit harder because there are no namespaces.
But anyy.wa

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