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Re: XML Catalog proposal

> > I think the "type" attr should be renamed to "content-type" or somesuch.
> 	I would have except that "type" is already defined in HTML as such
> and I am trying to do minimal damage to what already exists.

I don't know that this is as important a goal as making sure that the
names used are appropriate.

> > Isn't "xlink:arcrole" an odd place to put the "meta-schema"?  I'm not,
> > however, sure what to suggest instead.

I'm guessing this also comes from your desire to minimize extension.
Again, I think it's far more appropriate to find a fitting name.

> > Should the "xlink:href" be required to be an absolute URI?
> 	I don't think so. Frequently a catalog will exist on the same
> directory as the resources and hence relative URI references are useful.

Hmm.  The only "use" I see is saving a few keystrokes.  But what it does
is make the processors have to do a resolution by base URI to get at the
linked resource.  Also, it makes it harder to proxy/distribute
namespace catalogs.

It's not a big deal either way.

> > I don't think these links should be restricted to schemata.  I really like
> > the "see-also" possibilities available here where one can reference
> > standards docs, research papers, etc.
> 	Sure. for example the arcrole is intended to reference the standards
> document defining the format of what the href references.

Yes, but your wording everywhere on the page talks about "schemata".  I
would generalize this wording so that i is clear other sorts of resources
can be catalogued.

> > I would rather suggest a buildt-in link type to another catalog, in which
> > case, no reason not to just have that in XCatalog [1].  At least one of
> > the XML parsers I use (xmlproc [2]) already supports XCatalog.
> 	Good point. I've added an example to the draft where an OASIS catalog
> is itself included in the XML Catalog. Note: John Cowan has previously
> proposed the term "XML Catalog" as an XML version of SOC? Should we
> change the name of this spec? and if so to what?

I'd say simply "Namespace Catalog".

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