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RE: data smushing


> Outside the research lab, #2 is extremely difficult.  For #1, however,
> all we have to do is extend the (oversimplified version of the) RDF
> logical model to include one more member:
>   {predicate, subject, object, source}
> where source is a URI representing the source of the information
> (probably, but not necessarily, the URL of an RDF document; it could
> also be a URI representing a news wire, for example).  Now, query
> operations, searches, etc. can take into account where the information
> came from, and can distinguish, say, two "name" properties provided by
> the same source from two "name" properties provided by two different
> sources.

This is similar to the [base URI] property in the Infoset. I think it's an
excellent idea. Couldn't the source also be used to accomplish #2, though?
If the statement is identical except for the source, couldn't you assume
it's redundant?

> <rant>
>   ...
> </rant>

For what it's worth, I agree wholeheartedly with your observations. What I'd
really like to see and what I think would have brought all of these extra
"properties" out into the open is an RDF Infoset.