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Odd timing of XML-DEV mail

I've held off asking about this because I seem to have perpetual problems
with the XML-DEV listserv and I imagine Karl Best is thoroughly tired of
me, but in the past week or so I've been getting all my XML-DEV mail in a
huge batch once a day.

It's not a digest: I get all the messages separately.  Based on the
timings of off-list responses I get, others don't seem to have this
problem so I thought maybe it was just me, except that I just noticed that
I seem to also get out-of-office auto-replies at odd times after I send
my messages.

Just wondering if it was just me again.  Thanks.

Uche Ogbuji                               Principal Consultant
uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com               +1 303 583 9900 x 101
Fourthought, Inc.                         http://Fourthought.com
4735 East Walnut St, Ste. C, Boulder, CO 80301-2537, USA
Software-engineering, knowledge-management, XML, CORBA, Linux, Python