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RE: Web service and Semantic Web

> The distinction, then, between 'Web Service' and 'Semantic 
> Web' is whether the
> nodes of that web can be trusted, by the promulgators of the 
> larger scheme, to
> implement unique (and perhaps uniquely useful) functionality. 
> Stated another way,
> the difference is whether the outcome or rendition from a 
> node is governed
> principally by its own functionality or principally by the 
> received semantics on
> which it operates. That distinction is so basic that it is 
> not surprising that
> Uramoto-san wonders 'What is the relationship between them? 
> Are they completely
> different things? or similar but supported by different 
> communities?' 

Walter, Uramato,

A naive view. The relationship seems straightforward. The first is ideally a
web scale federated directory service(s) built on top or in-between the
existing web using metadata, the others are truth maintenance systems
operating over the service(s). Yes scaling these things is hard and the
details are torturous but the ideas are simple enough. Although, I don't
hold my breath for a web scale truth maintenance system any more than I do
the perfect language, global metadata directory services are there for the
taking if enough people get out of the way. Semantic web merit awards may be
dished out for those who can use closure to place local truths in global
directories, thus allowing people to wear their assertions, if not their
hearts, on their sleeves.

Local truth, global data.


Bill de hÓra  :  InterX  :  bdehora@interx.com