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Re: Resource gloss [was:Re: Resource discovery directory [was: XMLCatalog proposal]]

At 12:05 2001 01 02 -0700, Uche Ogbuji wrote:
>Besides the other ideas I posted, I thought up "Namespace Gloss" or
>"Resource Gloss".
>I don't like "* Discovery Directory" since the "discovery" seems
>redundant given the "directory".  Looks like just a way to toss in a
>buzzword now that DISCO is back in vogue, with new cousin UDDI.
>Other ideas: "Resource Charter", "Resource Summary", "Resource Outlay",
>"Namespace Resource Directory" (has the requisite three words).

Since this thing is directing one to a bunch of potentially
interesting and related resources, "resource directory" seems 
the most natural to me (I can take or leave "discovery").

I hesitate to include "namespace" in the title of this thing
because, as a resource discovery mechanism, it's useful regardless
how you get to it, and you needn't get to it just from a namespace
name.  In fact, the mechanism we're talking about needn't have
anything to do with a namespace--see all the previously referenced
discussion about packaging and manifests and such.  Even though
many of us are in agreement that such a directory is a very useful
thing to have at the end of a namespace URI, it seems a shame to
develop such a useful thing and then restrict it (even in name) to
only that one function.